Former U.S. lawmaker: “Deep State” putting republic at risk in bid to end Trump presidency

A former U.S. congressman from Colorado and one-time GOP presidential contender says the Deep State is putting the republic at risk by routinely undermining President Donald J. Trump in a bid to unseat him.

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo, in a column for Breitbart, wrote that the incessant leaking of information and top secret intercepts is contributing to the “unraveling of the fabric of constitutional government, and only a fool can believe it will end well.”

Tancredo, who ran unsuccessfully for the presidency in 2008, then twice for the governorship of Colorado, adamantly suggests that the leaking by the Deep State is being done purposely to harm Trump and his administration, with the end goal being his dismissal from office. Those in and out of government, “feel justified in using ‘any means necessary’” to meet and defeat Trump’s agenda, while removing him from office.

“Every day sees more evidence of a desire not only to block his policies but to drive him from office,” Tancredo wrote. “While it does not yet rise to the level of an organized conspiracy, it does raise serious issues of constitutional fidelity.” (RELATED: Deep State: Obama Loyalists Continue To Thwart Trump Administration From The Shadows)

Tancredo noted that the Deep State began undermining Trump almost immediately following the November election. Protests and street marches were organized quickly, followed by a series of lawsuits that continue to this day, as well as leaks from inside government. Also, there was talk of impeaching Trump even before he took office, though there is no evidence Trump has committed any “high crimes or misdemeanors,” which are the primary constitutional standards to begin impeachment proceedings.

The former GOP lawmaker and author of the book, “In Mortal Danger: The Battle for America’s Border and Security,” clicked off the opposition’s actions since the Nov. 8 election:

— Just as in the 2000 election after Vice President Al Gore won the popular vote but the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that, based on available ballot data, George W. Bush won the electoral vote, the Alt-Left, aided by the Deep State, began to claim Trump’s victory was not legitimate. Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, though only because of the state of California otherwise, Trump’s victory would have been overwhelming. Because of this, the narrative became, Trump’s victory is illegitimate, though the Constitution recognizes electoral vote majorities, not simple majorities (for the very reason that one or two large states should not decide the outcome of presidential contests).

— When that narrative began to falter, the Deep State and its allies in Washington and in the media began to push another false narrative, one that claimed: “Russia hacked the election” to help Trump and hurt Clinton, after Team Trump colluded with Moscow. Elements of that bogus claim continue to be echoed today.

— Next followed the organized legal resistance to Trump’s very constitutional and very legal travel ban executive orders, with the opposition judge-and-court shopping, filing their suits to stop the orders from taking effect in politically friendly jurisdictions (like those where Obama-selected judges preside).

These efforts are born mostly from shock and disbelief that Trump actually beat Clinton, after the discredited Washington media told the country for a year he couldn’t win. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

But Tancredo also notes a much more dangerous element to all of this: The active, wanton effort to subvert legitimate presidential orders and actions, which will have long-term negative effects on our country if allowed to continue.

Most dangerous of all is the U.S. intelligence community’s involvement in this Deep State activity. Tancredo notes that when the “Russia-Trump collusion” narrative first began, it was based in large part on intelligence, though as we have since learned, the leaked information was intended to sow doubts about Trump’s legitimacy, not prove he did anything wrong (because there is no evidence to suggest he did). (RELATED: The intelligence community’s ‘spy revolt’ with the Trump administration is a PSYOP designed to perpetuate the military-industrial complex)

“This involvement of intelligence agencies and the FBI in politically-inspired investigations – and the subsequent leaking of information gathered in the surveillance – puts into question the President’s ability to trust the information provided to him by those agencies,” Tancredo wrote. “And THAT, my friends, can seriously impair his ability to manage national security policy and any international or terrorism-related crisis that occurs.”

Without a doubt, Trump’s rise and ascension to the White House has upended the globalist order, and they are not amused by it. As similar movements percolate and gain more traction in Europe, expect even more desperation on the part of the Deep State to take out Trump and destroy the populism that brought him to power.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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