Hollywood dirtbag Rob Reiner calls for new civil war to overthrow President Trump – watch at Brighteon.com

During a recent appearance on MSNBC, Hollywood actor and “meathead” Rob Reiner caused quite a scene. In case you missed it, he ranted on and on about how President Trump is supposedly stirring up his supporters to hate the press, “immigrants,” and other protected groups, arguing that liberals need to stand up and actively engage in “civil war” against the Commander-in-Chief.

In an analysis of Reiner’s bizarre interview, available at Brighteon.com, InfoWars‘ Alex Jones talks about how Reiner has gone completely off the rails. Besides strangely accusing President Trump of being “backed up” by the media, Reiner appears to have completely lost touch with reality.

“People are angry, and he will feed them whatever they want to keep that anger going,” Reiner is heard stating during the interview.

“And you see it at the rallies. He actually calls for, you know, this kind of outrage, and take it out against the media, take it out against immigrants, take it out against whomever you want. That’s what he does. He keeps stirring this up.”

“But you have to stay at it … there’s no other way,” Reiner adds, referring to how mainstream media outlets like MSNBC need to continue “fact-checking,” a.k.a. fighting against everything the President does, or else liberals will “lose.”

“If you don’t break through … we are in it, right now, it might be the last stage of a civil war, the last battle is being fought. Hopefully it won’t be fought physically, but we are more divided than we ever have been, and we have a president who is backed up by media.”

Reiner’s unsettling rant is available for viewing during the first few minutes of the InfoWars segment:

On what planet does Reiner live in which President Trump is being backed up by the media?

It’s one thing to not like President Trump because the media has programmed you not to like him. But it’s entirely another to claim that this same media is somehow supporting the President in everything he does, which is precisely the opposite of what’s happened ever since Trump was inaugurated.

There are almost no media sources at all that are willing to say anything positive about President Trump, which begs the question: on what planet does Reiner live in which Trump is being given preferential treatment?

Truth be told, it’s the media that’s running non-stop anti-Trump propaganda, which is fueling leftist hatred and violence against conservatives and Trump-supporters.

“All the establishment channels … they say that President Trump is calling for violence. No, the media says, kidnap his son and rape him, go out and attack him, #HuntRepublicans, The New York Times says, here’s where they play baseball and don’t have security. They’re the ones saying, hey, Rand Paul, he can be beaten, look at what just happened last year with his ribs getting broken,” says Jones.

“There’s so much violence that I can’t even cover it all,” Jones adds, discussing how his own crew members were attacked by Antifa terrorists at the recent Patriot Prayer rally in Portland, Oregon.

But Reiner never talks about any of this, instead pegging President Trump as a “childish, sociopathic liar.”

“Democracy is being tested,” Reiner stated during another earlier interview. “The rule of law and the press are under attack,” he added, pointing, of course, to President Trump as the culprit.

“Congressional checks and balances have been obliterated. All it would take is one principled Republican, not on the way out, to stand up for the love of country.”

For more news on this type of insane leftist virtue signaling, be sure to check out HollywoodHater.com.

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