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Hatred against white people in America today has reached shocking proportions. Headlines like “White People Have No Culture” and “Dear White People,” followed by some derogatory sub-headline, litter the mainstream media these days – and liberals, many of them with white-looking skin themselves, don’t even bat an eye, and even see it as completely acceptable.

It’s a radicalized, institutionalized version of anti-white racism that Will Johnson, a black man and founder of, says is rampant because a large percentage of white people simply take the abuse without standing up for themselves.

During a recent episode of Alex Jones’ InfoWars show, which aired at, Johnson offered his take on the growing wave of anti-white racism in America today, paralleling it to Nazi Germany and its efforts to eradicate Jews and other minority groups.

“They find that white people are soft targets, and that’s the reason why they go after white people,” Johnson is heard explaining to Jones. “They know for a fact that white people, for the most people, don’t say anything, they don’t speak out.”

Jones, on the other hand, does speak out. And it’s precisely for this reason that Johnson says the anti-white “deep state” is aggressively trying to censor him, and others like him, from social media and the internet at large.

“Them attacking you the way that they’re attacking you absolutely proves that there’s an attack on white people in America, and a lot of people don’t even want to acknowledge it, but it’s actually happening in the year 2018,” says Johnson.

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Leftists hate the president because he’s a white male – and they hate you, too

What it all comes back to for many of these extreme left lunatics is that they just didn’t get their way in the 2016 presidential election. We went from a partially-white, darker-skinned “minority” named Barack Obama to a red-blooded, white male named Donald Trump – and this was enough to trigger the deeply held anti-white sentiments of the racist left.

You see, we were apparently supposed to get a white female named Hillary Clinton with an extensive legacy of high crimes and misdemeanors as our president. This was the “progressive” choice, after all, for no other reason than the fact that Hillary Clinton isn’t a male. And since the only people leftists hate more than whites are white males, the fact that Hillary Clinton failed to ascend the throne she so desperately coveted was enough to trigger her followers into total insanity.

“This is the new norm from the left: they want to harm people who respect the president and love this country. What kind of world do we live in? This is America,” says Johnson, taking a stand for all of the marginalized whites who continue to face persecution and abuse at the hands of the rabid liberal mob.

“As long as God keeps putting breath in me, I’m going to keep fighting for the truth, and fighting for what’s right,” Johnson adds.

“A lot of people are afraid … because of what Antifa or BLM (Black Lives Matter) might do, but if you don’t do anything, then you end up in the situation that we’re in right now. For over the past 20 years, we should have had Americans step up, especially when Obama was in office, in greater numbers than ever before, to stop what is taking place.”

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