California already “seceding” from America by issuing government travel bans to eight states where Leftist lunacy doesn’t dominate

Shortly after Donald J. Trump shocked the political world and the Deep State by winning the presidency, Left-wing crybabies in California began an effort to “secede” from the United States, claiming that Trump — and, by default, his tens of millions of supporters — no longer ‘represented California values.’

Now, some months later, the most intolerant state still in the union undertook another measure to further separate itself from much of the country. As reported by the Sacramento Bee, Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced last week he was adding Texas, Alabama, Kentucky and South Dakota to an existing list of states where official travel is banned.

The SacBee noted further:

California’s Legislature last year voted to restrict state-funded travel to states with laws that allow businesses to deny services to gay and transgender people.

California’s law gained attention after North Carolina enacted its so-called “bathroom bill,” which prevented local governments from adopting anti-discrimination ordinances and required that people using bathrooms in public buildings choose the restroom that corresponds to their gender at birth.

“We will not spend taxpayer dollars in states that discriminate,” Becerra said. The four new states join Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee.

So by California’s messed-up standards, anyone who requires people to use intimately private facilities based on their actual birth sex is “discriminatory.” Got it.

And by the way, in another bit of irony, it should be noted that California was among the far-Left states who sued the Trump administration to prevent the president from enacting a travel ban from seven terrorist-and-terrorism-infested counties. And in fact, one of the first courts tossing out Trump’s legal travel ban was in the U.S. Ninth Circuit — in San Francisco.

Irony? No, try hypocrisy. But since California is overrun with Democrats who lack the hypocrisy gene, it’s no problem for them to 1) complain about a ‘discriminatory travel ban’ and then 2) implement one of their own.

What’s also noteworthy is the arrogance that permits California citizens and lawmakers to assert their right to govern their own affairs while at the same time denying the right of self-governance to other states and insisting they must adhere to California standards. How long will it be before California begins banning visitors from “banned” states?

Without question California’s Left-wing governance is out-of-step with the vast majority of the rest of the country, though by far not all of it. There are other states — Washington, Oregon, New York, and most of the East Coast — that are also rife with legislators who espouse the exact same kind of socialism/Marxism that California Democrats espouse.

And now, the disconnect has become so pronounced that the California legislature has taken the first steps toward formal separation from much of the country, with its economic embargo of eight states. What’s more, given that most of the country is governed on the state level by Republicans, you can be sure that more economic embargoes of additional “discriminatory” states will eventually be put on California’s “banned” list.

As for California’s secessionist movement, backers plan a referendum vote in 2019, a year before the end of Trump’s first term in office. But even if Trump were to lose his reelection bid, it seems California has decided that it is simply too out-of-step with the rest of the country. (Related: Why #Calexit Is So Dangerous To America: If Successful, It Would Create A Nuclear Weapons Beachhead For Enemies Of America.)

The primary political party pushing for the state’s independence is the California National Party, which claims that the Golden State is a “major world power” on its website.

Of course, the rest of the country “subsidizes” much in California as well, including its defense, the purchase of goods and other financial incentives. What would happen if much of the rest of the country boycotted the Golden State?

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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