Remember when Jimmy Fallon and other left-wing TV personalities denounced the violence of Antifa and Black Lives Matter? Oh yeah, that never happened…

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon was nearly in tears – or at least he tried really hard to look like he was – following the recent incident in Charlottesville, Virginia. During an over-the-top emotional monologue on his show, Fallon signaled his condemnation of the “intolerance” that he says was visible in the imagery the media presented to the public of the “neo-Nazi” protest, at the same time lamenting how to discuss matters such as white supremacy with his two young daughters.

Humorously claiming that his show, The Tonight Show, isn’t at all political (okay, so maybe he did throw in a joke), Fallon proceeded to brazenly politicize the incident while criticizing President Trump for not going along with its narrative: that “white supremacists” were the only ones responsible for committing acts of violence. Like the rest of the mainstream media, Fallon conveniently ignored the violent actions of “antifa,” which brought along batons, baseball bats, and pop cans filled with concrete to engage in a supposedly “peaceful” demonstration.

Fallon described his version of the incident as “disgusting,” explaining to his audience that he “was sick to [his] stomach” because of it. Again, he wasn’t mad at the instigators, but rather those evil “white nationalists” that the media keeps blaming for committing intolerable acts.

“I was watching the news like everyone else and you’re seeing like Nazi flags and torches and white supremacists,” Fallon stated, true to the official script. “My daughters were in the next room playing and I’m thinking, ‘How can I explain to them there’s so much hatred in this world?’ They’re two-years-old and four-years-old. They don’t know what hate is.”

Hypocrite Fallon ignores all other acts of evil and violence that blare across media on a daily basis

Fallon has apparently been living in some kind of cave if the Charlottesville incident upset him this badly. Assuming that the narrative as it’s being presented is even true (something that the President himself questioned during a recent press conference), it pales in comparison to the gun violence in Chicago, as an example, or the thousands of unborn babies that are murdered every day through abortion, or the tens of thousands of innocent civilians who are killed in American wars overseas.

Fallon has never once spoken about any of these atrocities, nor has he made a peep about all the “antifa” violence that’s occurred throughout the country ever since Donald Trump became president – including in Charlottesville. Instead, Fallon has chosen to cry about an incident that, in many ways, appears to be little more than false flag terror meant to vilify “whites” and stoke the fires of racial aggression.

Fallon’s alligator tears are hardly fooling anyone, as this hypocrite routinely ignores the real issues of the day while latching on to stories like Charlottesville that push the leftist agenda. It’s really hard to take Fallon seriously when all he does is dish up phony outrage every now and again over the latest manufactured “crisis,” the purpose of which in Charlottesville, anyway, seems to be to seditiously drum up another civil war.

Events like Charlottesville are also used as political fodder to blast away at the President, as Fallon so blatantly did during his rant. Any excuse to demonize President Trump and make him out to be a racist seems to be the goal, and Charlottesville is no exception. Though the President has been clear that racism in any form is “evil,” Fallon and his band of media deceivers are desperately trying to portray President Trump as some kind of monster – in essence lying, which Fallon apparently has no qualms about role-modeling for his children.

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