RED ALERT: We are all being set up… The gun grab is INTENDED to start a civil war, followed by UN occupation of America

You are watching one of the darkest chapters of history unfold by the hour, complete with a Nazi-style fascist “Hitler Youth” uprising, totalitarian censorship by the techno-overlords and an irrational, anger-fueled nationwide call for government to confiscate all the guns from American gun owners, even if they have to kill those gun owners first, as a North Carolina Democrat suggested just days ago.

The anti-gun rhetoric and hysteria has reached a whole new level of irrational hysteria, but it’s no accident. This is all happening by design.

I spoke with Alex Jones on the phone this evening, shortly after he issued a similar warning on InfoWars labeled, “Red Alert! Dems announce plan to repeal 2nd Amendment triggering potential civil war.” Jones told me that InfoWars live broadcasts on YouTube and Facebook were being shut down, and that the student anti-gun marchers were largely organized and paid for by George Soros, “a Nazi collaborator,” Jones emphasized. (It’s true, by the way.)

If you recall, I hadn’t spoken with Alex Jones for nearly five years until just the last two months, as the assaults on our freedoms are now being ratcheted up by a deranged, hysterical totalitarian Left that demands public policy changes based on seething anger and hatred rather than logic or reason. “They’re taking this info war to the next level,” Jones warned me. “Confiscating the guns is just the opening salvo in their takeover plan.”

Civil war as a stepping stone to gut America’s liberties and enslave its people

According to my own research and sources, Jones is absolutely correct. The real goal of the deranged Left is not actually to confiscate the guns of 70+ million Americans… because that’s an impossible task that no one would survive for long. The real goal, it turns out, is to initiate a bloody civil war as a reaction to the gun grab, setting the stage for Democrats’ demands to occupy America with United Nations troops and overthrow Trump by military force.

Here’s how Jones explains it:

The real plan is to invade America with UN “peacekeepers” and overthrow this nation by force

Globalists, you see, thought they had America all wrapped up and conquered with the election of Hillary Clinton. But the people rose up and rejected the Clinton crime boss, instead choosing a political disruptor named Donald Trump. This set back the globalists by a decade or more in terms of their plans to disarm America, overrun it with refugees and illegals, then dismantle the Bill of Rights while controlling all public discourse through China-style censorship of online content, controlled by Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

While Trump’s victory caused a downward spiral in gun sales, Obama’s eight years of anti-gun rhetoric produced record gun sales and gun ownership across the nation, contributing to the 300 million firearms now owned by over 70 million Americans. During this time, concealed carry permits flourished, and today there are millions more concealed carry holders in America than in 2008 when Obama took office. Gun knowledge and training has also become more mainstream, and online gun videos were one of the most popular video categories on YouTube until the radical left-wing tech giant announced it was banning most gun videos. (Note: is welcoming gun channels, and it’s a new free speech video platform that’s launching this July 4th, Independence Day.)

What Leftists and globalists have both realized is that it’s impossible to take all the guns from armed Americans by force, especially given the fact that many gun owners in America are so fed up with the corruption, political fraud and authoritarian demands of the Left, they have internally decided to fight to the death, if it comes to that, in order to protect their liberties. No government task force given the job of “confiscating” guns from the American people would survive very long, quite frankly. You can’t realistically disarm 70+ million people if they refuse to be disarmed.

What the anti-gun Left now realizes is that there are only two ways to eliminate private gun ownership in America, and that’s their key milestone to absolute control over the country and the complete abolition of political opposition (which has always been the real goal of Democrats, by the way: not to “coexist” as they fraudulently claim, but to dominate, enslave or eliminate their opposition):

1) Somehow convince most gun owners of America to surrender their guns peacefully. (Fat chance. Not going to happen, ever.)

2) Invade America with a superior military force and disarm the country in a city-by-city, county-by-county “cleansing” of the land with murderous occupying enemies… the United Nations, in other words, which usually throws in a little child kidnapping, child rape and the sex trafficking of young women to boot, in order to keep the top UN officials padded with sufficient cash and “benefits” to keep fighting.

The Left realizes that only option two has any chance of succeeding. So how do you justify invading America with armed foreign troops? Simple. You start a civil war, then wait for Barack Obama to peek his head out from his D.C. command bunker and call for “peacekeepers” to overthrow the “Trump regime” that will be accused of “collaborating with the militia terrorists” (i.e. anyone who dares defend the Bill of Rights and their country against invading enemy forces).

The rising “HATE youth” movement in America is being accelerated to cause division and strife

In order to cause a civil war, you first have to get people angry enough to start shooting each other. That’s the role of nitwits like David Hogg, the young fascist-in-training “Hitler Youth” anti-gun propagandist who is currently enjoying so much special protection by the tech giants that anyone who dares criticize Hogg is subject to immediate censorship and account termination.

The effort to protect Hogg from public criticism has reached such an insane level of thought control that a satire video depicting Hogg delivering a Nazi speech in “historical archival footage” has been heavily redacted and censored by YouTube. You can’t even see how many people have viewed the video, as the few count feature has been disabled, along with share buttons and even an embed link.

Try to play the embedded video below, and you’ll see that it’s either deleted or not allowed:

If you go to the YouTube play page for this video, you see likely the following ominous warning:

The desperation of YouTube to protect this one individual from satire commentary is a clear admission of the desperation of the Google / YouTube / Alphabet censorship agenda. It also reveals how the tech giants are actively choosing sides in the attempted overthrow of America, collaborating with anti-freedom elements of the left-wing power structure to silence all criticism of gun control zealots like Hogg, who really is a fascist-in-training.

The bigger strategy in all this is to make sure the most insane, hate-filled radical voices on the Left are given unlimited public platforms to stir up division and cult-like irrationality, all while censoring or shadow banning any voices of reason that might dare criticize the gun control propagandists.

Gun confiscation efforts are being aggressively attempted in Oregon, Florida, California, Connecticut and elsewhere

The “spark” for the raging inferno of nationwide civil war will be the successful passage and attempted enforcement of a state-level gun confiscation initiative, much like the one now being placed on the ballot in Oregon. As reported by The Gateway Pundit:

As the lying anti gun hysterical types try to tell us “Nobody is coming to take your guns away,” they file a ballot measure petition in Oregon that would do just that. The “Promote Public Safety for All Through the Reduction of Assault Weapons and Large Capacity Magazines” initiative has been filed with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office, and will require over 88,000 signatures in order to make it to the 2018 general election ballot

The people pushing this ballot measure in Oregon believe that if a majority of voters pass a ballot measure, that gives the Oregon government the right to systematically violate the constitutional rights of Oregon citizens. Thus, the gun confiscation would begin. And since the ballot measure covers nearly all rifles — as the very definition of an “assault rifle” is a meaningless term invented by anti-gun Democrats — Oregon’s government death squads would be kicked into action to start raiding the homes of Oregon gun owners and killing the occupants to take their guns.

Once this starts, the pro-2A citizens of Oregon (and many other states) will respond in force, perhaps marching on the capitols of several states, arresting state lawmakers and charging them with treason.

This, of course, is exactly what Barack Obama and the globalist power predators are waiting for. At that point, all it takes is an Obama interview on fake news CNN to beg for United Nations “peacekeeper” troops to invade America and “save us from the pro-gun terrorists,” etc.

The Pope will chime in, of course, as he has already been exposed as an actual agent of Satan and a betrayer of the Church and humankind, and he will demand Americans be stripped of their Second Amendment rights in order to “stop the terrorists” in Oregon (or wherever). Never before has a Catholic Pope been so saturated with demonic evil in the history of the Church, by the way, but I’ll discuss that in more detail in another article.

You’ll also hear, of course, all the idiotic Hollywood celebrities chiming in, along with hyperventilating CNN talking heads and a “nuclear option” censorship crackdown on pro-gun websites by Google and other internet giants. From here, it probably wouldn’t be long before pro-America forces figure out they need to assault and occupy the buildings of the tech giants, and from that point on, you have a raging guerilla war across America, which is exactly what the globalists want.

It’s all about “order from chaos”

In order for tyrants to grab power, they must first maximize the chaos. Only when people are truly desperate and afraid are they willing to give up all their remaining liberties in exchange for the false promise of security. Remember that, because it’s crucial to understand. According to the latest science, mental stress literally compromises your ability to make good decisions. As reported by

A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) identified the area in the brain that is responsible for bad decision making as it becomes impaired under stress. “Somehow this prior exposure to chronic stress controls the integration of good and bad. It’s as though the animals had lost their ability to balance excitation and inhibition in order to settle on reasonable behavior,” explained senior author Ann Graybiel, an Institute Professor at MIT and a member of the McGovern Institute for Brain Research.

In other words, by keeping you stressed out with panic news alerts every hour of the day, they can inhibit your ability to make informed, rational decisions. Again, it’s all by design.

Chaos is the friend of the globalists. The more chaos ensues, the more they are able to assert the justification to invade America with armed UN “peacekeeper” troops, most likely led by Barack Obama himself.

How can America’s patriots avoid this insidious trap?

The trouble with avoiding all this is that the Left is practically forcing armed Americans into a self-defense “activation” of the Second Amendment in order to defend their own lives and nation. But as I’ve said before, whoever shoots first LOSES, which is why I frequently encourage pro-liberty, pro-gun forces across America to exercise extraordinary patience as all this plays out.

Remember: Once the shooting begins, the UN invasion of America will be almost instantly activated, and all gun owners will be labeled “terrorists” by default. It is in the interests of all Americans to avoid any UN occupation of our nation, even if such occupation efforts are ultimately doomed to fail. I very much doubt any invading military force can successfully occupy America, given the “Red Dawn” guerilla networks that would be spontaneously unleashed to harass, disrupt and eliminate occupying enemies at every turn.

The very best option for us all — if we want to avoid bloodshed and civil war — is to vote against Democrats in every election, at every opportunity. Keep the Democrats out of power and we can avoid the bloodshed. But if Democrats win the 2018 mid-terms with the help of the fraudulent tech giants that are actively censoring all conservative voices — that victory will undoubtedly lead to attempted gun confiscation efforts that will only end in bloodshed and chaos.

Leftists are too stupid to realize what they will unleash if they try to take the guns

Democrats should be warned: Any attempt to take the guns away from law-abiding Americans by force will not end well for the Left. But they are too ignorant of history and devoid of logic to realize that, so they are likely to try it anyway.

In this way, the deranged, hate-powered Left will drive America toward certain chaos in their own quest to control every sector of society. But we shouldn’t be surprised to realize this, since it’s the same pattern followed by Stalin, Mao, Castro, Kim, Hitler and a long list of other tyrants who have saturated the pages of history with the blood of innocents in their own fanatical quests for power.

Stay informed at, and be sure to join my upcoming free speech video platform,, where pro-2A channels are not just welcomed, but strongly encouraged.

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